A kind of (colored) Magic

But SolidFlow’s magic lies not just in its composition, but in its application. In the realm of water-based paints, SolidFlow allows the production of millbases with higher pigment content, potentially eliminating the need for colorant pastes entirely.

These higher concentration millbases can be produced easily with standard Cowles dispersers, or you can even add SolidFlow straight in the letdown phase.

In powder coatings, SolidFlow pigments display a much lower Filter Pressure Value (FPV) compared to untreated solid powder pigments, boosting the productivity of extrusion while improving color development. All of this is achieved without the hassles of handling nasty dust. SolidFlow is indeed a solid behaving like a liquid – it’s nothing short of magic.

SolidFlow: insoluble, yet impossibly fluid

With SolidFlow, color Pops and viscosity Drops!

SolidFlow Sample

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