Highly Dispersible

SolidFlow is a structured delivery form solid pigment that disperses like a liquid-flow, allowing for easy and efficient dispersion in various mediums.

Pure and Potent

With a minimum of 90% pigment content, SolidFlow is a pure pigment that enhances the color and quality of your products.

Energy Efficient

The production of SolidFlow uses up to 80% less energy compared to existing alternatives, and it’s powered by renewable electricity, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Safe and Easy to Handle

SolidFlow is dust-free, easy to meter, and has a longer shelf-life, making it safe and convenient for workers to handle.


SolidFlow redefines productivity, enabling rapid processing and higher solid concentrations, all in harmony with nature’s principles.

A kind of (colored) Magic

SolidFlow: Insoluble, yet Impossibly fluid

With SolidFlow, color Pops and viscosity Drops!

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